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Cancer Research And Statistic Foundation

To promote academic, professional, medical, technical, legal, cultural and vocational education, formal and informal and provide training to doctors in the field of medicine and oncology especially.
To provide support and care for treatment including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, organize medical and health check-up camps for the benefit of public in rural and urban areas and distribute drugs and palliative care to cancer patients.

To promote, facilitate and help in performing research, research-related activities and its dissemination. To give donations or grants to bodies with similar objects to promote education, medical and for any other charitable objects.

To promote such other educational, medical and charitable object or objects as the Trustees may think fit and proper in their absolute discretion from time to time provided that the Trust property shall be utilized as aforesaid for charitable purposes and as hereafter provided for the benefit of the general public irrespective of consideration of any caste, creed, community religion, race or sex.

CRSF Journal

Cancer Research And Statistic Foundation Journal

Cancer Research, and Statistics and Treatment Foundation (CRSTRSF) is a peer-reviewed journal. It is a Quarterly, open-access, peer-reviewed journal. The journal will cover technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in the field of Cancer research, statistics, and treatment. CRST aims to become the most credible, authoritative resource for disseminating significant research findings in clinical oncology, statistics in oncology and translational research.
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