Managing Committee

  • The Managing Committee whose composition has been described in the Constitution shall be presided over by CRSF President.

  • The President will be responsible for the administrative and scientific operation of CRSF and shall be accountable to the managing committee.

    • He shall convene and conduct meetings of the managing committee and the general body.

    • He will also be responsible for the appointments of operational staff for the orderly functioning of the group.

    • He will represent CRSF in business with other co-operative groups, oncology societies, government bodies and other occasions as needed.

    • He shall also be responsible for resource mobilization for CRSF activities.

  • The Vice-President will be responsible for assisting the President in carrying out his responsibilities.

    • In order to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of CRSF the Vice-President will officiate on all occasions when the President is absent.

  • The Co-ordinator (who may be a paid employee) will help to promote CRSF activities and liaise with various committees. He/she will be responsible for recording the minutes of the managing committee meetings and their appropriate distribution.

  • Regional Members of the managing committee will be responsible for promoting CRSF activity in their regions.

  • T hey will also be responsible for maintaining and presenting accurate information on CRSF activity (including information on member institutions, their infrastructure, participating members, resource allocation and utilization and the regional contribution to CRSF goals) within their respective regions at managing committee meetings.

  • They will also be responsible for identifying problems within their particular regions and will initiate activity in finding solutions/alternatives.

  • All decisions of the managing¬†committee will have to be vetoed by the governing council.¬†