CRSF Activities

  1. Camps

  2. Seminars

  3. Inspirational talks

  4. Support groups

  5. Survivor meetings

  1. Protocol development

  2. GCP training

  3. Statistical workshop

  4. Support for analysis

  5. Support for sample size calculation

  6. Publication support

  7. Research grant

  8. A platform for the dissemination of research

  9. Camps

  10. Seminars

  11. Inspirational talks

  12. Support groups

  13. Survivor meetings

  1. Financial support for treatment

  2. Support for the arrangement of stay

  3. Donation of medicines and other supportive care medications

  4. Fertility preservation support

  5. Help in getting jobs and settling in society

  1. Expertise provision for capacity building

  2. Help in starting new advance techniques 

  3. Help for development of cancer wings or any other essential super speciality wing

  4. Support for essential amenities

  5. Support for educational travels, conferences, workshop, training, seminars and other educational activities.

  6. Support in blood bank camp

  7. Support for any educational or research activity